iPhone X – Worth it? (a Quick Review)

I woke up on the 3rd of November all early, and had a long thinking process looking at my iPhone 6s, should I upgrade, well I would have upgraded anyways, but should I upgrade to the X or the 8th, as it is pretty much the same. However I am a sucker for the two cameras that the X had, and I just went with it, said it, f•ck it, stood in the line and got one:

So, is it worth it

And the answer is NO!. No, the phone is not worth the price tag, it is just too expensive, I know you can get almost the same features for a cheaper price, and some of the UI choices by Apple are questionable, however, if you have been an iPhone user for a long time as I have, then yes, it is worth the upgrade, because the phone does just feel special in your hands and when you use the camera and those bloody animoticons or what the hell they are called are just fun to use, the tracking is insane.

Face ID – Does it work?

Yes, surprisingly it does work very well in all the conditions – daytime or in the dark, however, if you got something in front of your face, like a scarf or just some rubbish, like I usually have (a piece of silver jewellery), it won’t work. From angles, if you look at it it does pick up your face and sometimes it doesn’t. Is it better than Touch ID, naah, not really.


…just freaking beautiful, that’s it

The Notch

It is not as annoying as you would think it is, some people do say they see it when watching a video, however I seem not to care, as I usually have my big thumbs on the sides, so not really focusing on the sides. I guess, unless you hold it like a lady, than the notch is visible.

However, the UX does get ruined with the notch, some apps overlay the status bar with Cancel/Done and e.t.c. buttons, hope that will be optimised soon tho. Staying positive.

Overall Design

Get a cover with a grip, it might be only like a half of a centimeter bigger, but I can’t just hold it in my hands when in bed, it keeps slipping out of my hands, so either a grippy case or one of those pop sockets.

Overall: Gorgeous phone, just freaking gorgeous!