The Challenge – When a purchase leads to a series

So, last year on Black Friday or Cyber Monday (doesn’t really matter, but is one of these days), I went on Amazon and checked all the cheap deals it had to offer. As every year I bought loads of rubbish and one of them being the utterly stupid game – PieFace by Hasbro.

Once it arrived, well it was time to put it to good use and make fun of my colleagues by filming it, however, since I was slightly hung-over celebrating a birthday, I decided to leave work to the side and go full production on this thing.

The worst part is that, even the responses from the public wasn’t that great, this turned into a lovely hobby side project for building the team spirit in the office and even changed the format by the end of the production. You can see all the episodes below (for those, who don’t speak the greatest language that Latvian is, I have added the English CC on YouTube).

Sadly, the whole thing was cut short due to fact it started to take too much of my free time and it was hard to organise everyone to stay longer and be part of the filming.

So, enjoy! 🙂

Episode 01 – Pie Face

Episode 02 – #FishSlap

Episode 03 – #EggHead

Episode 04 – #NastyPong

Episode 05 – #SpicyMittens